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K & N Typhoon 69 Performance Kit For Skoda Superb 3t Year 2. 7 / 08- Filter

K & N Typhoon 69 Performance Kit For Skoda Superb 3t Year 2. 7 / 08- Filter
K & N Typhoon 69 Performance Kit For Skoda Superb 3t Year 2. 7 / 08- Filter

K & N Typhoon 69 Performance Kit For Skoda Superb 3t Year 2. 7 / 08- Filter    K & N Typhoon 69 Performance Kit For Skoda Superb 3t Year 2. 7 / 08- Filter
K & N Typhoon Kit 69 performance for skoda superb 2 3t year. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Performance Kit K & N Typhoon for 69 skoda superb 2 3t bpd. 7 / 08- sport air filter open filter. Manufacturer: Skoda superb (3 t) 2 year of construction: 7 / 08- Drive: 105 hp engines: 1.9 turbo diesel tdi effect dramatically reduces the air resistance in ladmission system more power approval: on public roads are not allowed! Performance k & n 69 typhoon kit for skoda superb (3 t) 2. 1.9 tdi turbo diesel. Dramatically reduces the air resistance in ladmission more power system. Not permitted on public roads. Almost nothing can bring so much power for so little money, like a 57i Performance Kit K & N. This kit replaces the original filter box and reduces the air resistance in the intake dramatically. A peek under the hood of modern vehicles with fuel dinjection system is enough to realize that air power supply is inhibited by unnecessary angles and ways.

Lair needed just aspiration system and a filter that allows the air without much resistance. Just a k & n. The success of the 57i's development kits. With special equipment, measured the speed and dair determined on the basis of these data, the size of the right filter. Dynamometer tests then finding not only the best performance, but it is placed value on the torque curve, the response and economy.

All 57i kits are designed for the life of your car. The kit includes all necessary screws and brackets. Partly with the new pipe or pipe of admission dair. A dair cold system sil necessary, is the more standard kit 57i.

Includes washable and reusable K & N baumwolluftfiltern. We evaluate our system automatically or after payment of Article and the removal of its positive assessment with 5 stars, automatically receives a positive evaluation of our system. Their fair assessment is important to us! The satisfaction of our customers is our goal, which is why, for us, it is very important to solve every little problem for you before you négatif-, neutrale - or less leave a comment as a 5 stars. There is a solution to almost any problem - a bad score any more help.

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Because we want to quickly modify their complaint or exchange, we ask you to return before lexpédition us about. Once is an article poorly controlled or have been delivered, our team is looking good item you and you just have the number down the back of the invoice as the exchange of notes. Please select \You can then enter the address of desired delivery. Spoiler, headlights, taillights, indicators, exhausts, strut braces, springs, suspensions, coilovers, straps, shoulder pads and more. Hubs wheel steering wheel & momo. High quality flying, wheel hubs and handles for many models. Filters K & N Performance & kits. The highlight for athletic skiers kah & sports air filter and 57i performance kit for better performance and fuel economy. We constantly strive our products. Describe as accurately as possible. Thank you for their purchase. Your satisfaction is our dear heart! Therefore, they not nhésitent to. We always have an open ear for our customers. Bills: item be declared by us not under value, or as a gift. Dropshipping: We deliver directly to your customers.

Newsletter sign up and always be in the picture! Sign up to the newsletter. Sportluftfilter, tuning, tauschfilter, intake, kn kit. Siehe beschreibung, auswaschbar, offen air Injektion. The item \air intake \ air filters.

\The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: Europe.
  1. oe reference number: air filters, tuning, spare filter, intake, kn kit <\/ li>
  2. reference numeral oe / oem: housing for an air filter, 57i performance system <\/ li>
  3. information 2: see description, washable, open air, <\/ li> injection
  4. Format: Open typhoon ki performance <\/ li>
  5. product group: engine room <\/ li>
  6. Mounting position: Front <\/ li>
  7. type of product .: air filter <\/ li>
  8. manufacturer part number: 69-9756tfk (23) <\/ li>
  9. product type: sportluftfuilter <\/ li>
  10. Manufacturer: k & n <\/ li>
  11. brand - no brand / generic - <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    K & N Typhoon 69 Performance Kit For Skoda Superb 3t Year 2. 7 / 08- Filter    K & N Typhoon 69 Performance Kit For Skoda Superb 3t Year 2. 7 / 08- Filter